Tachyon 8 — a strategy to speed up your problem-solving process

Lets explore the new features

Are you seeking for a strong solution that can help your IT department become more effective, save money, and yet provide outstanding employee experiences no matter where they are? Do you require a remote endpoint management solution that will greatly increase your organization’s capacity to enable work from anywhere? Then Tachyon is the place to go. If you’d like to test it right now, please contact your 1E Account Manager, who will set it up for you.

Tachyon 8

Tachyon is a systems management tool that is based on innovative principles. It is based on the idea that a device has a better understanding of its own present state than any centrally kept repository. Therefore, if you can query the device directly, you won’t need to store large amounts of data.

Tachyon 8 improves visibility from a networking standpoint by increasing the quality of insights in the areas such as networking, boot and login, apps, and software.

For example, it aids in the investigation of why devices are slow to boot or login, as well as identifying if programmes are harming the device’s overall productivity.

Tachyon 8 now offers a new user engagement feature that allows administrators to interact with their users without having to conduct a survey. It also improves interactions with those users, such as informing them of new features or enhancing self-service capabilities.

Let us discuss the key scenarios for Tachyon 8 in the next section

Tachyon 8 key scenarios

In the four situations below, Tachyon 8 accelerates the transition from ideas to action.

Empower and Engage — Using the toolset to make self-service simpler, engage workers and empower them.

Improve and extend what has been obtained, and give analytical insights through insights and analytics.

Accelerated RCA — The root cause analysis toolset includes elements that allow for faster resolution.

Preventing issues on a broad scale and taking knowledgeable and well-planned response are both important.

In Tachyon 8, hundreds of use cases and scenarios can be executed. However, for simplicity Tachyon use cases can be categorised into following four categories:
Interactions — Clients can engage with users automatically based on how they react to whatever has happened.
Announcements — IT or non-IT changes can be announced via announcements. To the end user, this is a one-way conversation.
Sentimental Surveys — Surveys conducted for sentiment analysis
Information Surveys — Surveys conducted for information analysis

To know more about Tachyon, use cases you can go to Tachyon Tuesdays

Whether it’s giving self-service alternatives to your end-users or intelligently navigating your Digital Experience platform for relevant information, you need a plan for speeding up your problem-solving process to be effective. Tachyon is there to help you in these areas.

For additional information, you can sign up for the 1E Tachyon 8 Launch Webinar, which featured a sneak peek of Tachyon 8. Michael Wright (Director of Product Marketing, 1E) and Bogdan Udrea Chief Technologist Product, 1E) hosted the event.

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