Linear Regression Machine Learning Algorithm from scratch


Linear Regression from Scratch without sklearn
Linear Regression from Scratch without sklearn

General Terms:

Import Libraries:

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

Load Data:

df = pd.read_csv('Linear-Regression-Data.csv')
Dataset for Linear Regression From Scratch


mean_yoe = sum(df['YearsExperience']) / float(len(df['YearsExperience']))
mean_salary = sum(df['Salary']) / float(len(df['Salary']))
The calculating mean of a pandas data frame column
def variance(values, mean):
return sum([(val-mean)**2 for val in values])
def covariance(yearsexperience, mean_yoe, salary , mean_salary):
covariance = 0.0
for r in range(len(yearsexperience)):
covariance = covariance + (yearsexperience[r] - mean_yoe) * (salary[r] - mean_salary)
return covariance
variance_yoe, variance_salary = variance(df['YearsExperience'], mean_yoe), variance(df['Salary'], mean_salary)
variance_yoe , variance_salary
covariance_yoe_salary = covariance(df['YearsExperience'],mean_yoe,df['Salary'],mean_salary)
Calculating the variance and covariance of pandas data columns

Linear fitment:

m = covariance_yoe_salary/ variance_yoe
c = mean_salary - m * mean_yoe
Finding the coefficients for Linear Regression
Prediction using Linear Regression Model





Data Scientist & Machine Learning Evangelist. I like to mess with data.

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Dhiraj K

Dhiraj K

Data Scientist & Machine Learning Evangelist. I like to mess with data.

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