Why feather data format is better?

I am sure most of you must have worked with CSV files. Have you ever thought you can work with a file format that is more lighter than CSV and 100 times faster to read and write from the disk.

Feather is a…

Suppress Warnings in Python

Disable Ignore or Suppress Warnings in Python Pandas and Jupyter Notebook is a small video explaining what is a warning in python programming, why it appears, and how to disable it if required.

Happy Learning !!

WhatsApp vs Telegram vs Signal

WhatsApp is a messaging service owned by American social media Facebook.

Telegram is a messaging service, managed and funded by, Russian social media billionaire Pavel Durov.

Signal is a messaging service, developed by the Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger. Signal Foundation is funded by donations and the investment from executive…

Dhiraj K

Data Scientist & Machine Learning Evangelist. I like to mess with data. dhiraj10099@gmail.com

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